A Journey 1

So I decided I wanted to experience my natural hair !! I tried to once before but surrendered. My motive is not because its a trend now, my motive is to prevent stress or at best relieve some stress for later when I have children of my own who’s hair will be left to me to untangle. If you know me you know I like the ability to run my fingers through my hair but I don’t and I repeat I don’t enjoy combing my hair and truth be told I often just don’t then end up stressed out. My sister-in-Law can tell you how I crumbled the first time, she predicted it,hmmph but this time I am determined and she is supportive. When I mentioned it to my sister she suggested I document it with a blog, well that was yesterday lol. I will be using  Ogx Cherry Blossom Shampoo and Conditioner and for deep conditioning the Mizani Moisture Line   my sis-in-law recommended.

I’ve been thinking of a place to share myself with others who cared to read. So here goes. As I contemplate my hair journey it again leads me to that dreaded topic of  identity.  I have had struggles but I didn’t even know it until recently!! For the past few years I have truly become aware of the root of the weeds in my life but sadly sometimes I watered the weeds with tears over my weakness.

“I may not have been where I wanted to be but thank God I was not where I was” the weeds were less prevalent. They were beginning to loosen. One day at a time I would make steady growth towards abundant life. I thought I could do it on my own. Willpower.

What I realized is that my Milly tree needed transplanting it was upon the pebbles and gravel. Later I would see that moving the Milly tree to rich soil, near to the river, the Milly tree would thrive as she was constantly nourished by the supply. What Milly tree also benefited from was a skilled gardener who cared about  Millies , He wanted to she her bloom, so He found her on the dry April day where she was so parched and desperately longing for a drink, her brown leaves drooped pathetically. Then he carefully uprooted her; untangling the weeds and gently carried Milly to the rich soil he had purposed for her, propping her up with a sturdy support, watering her day after day and admiring the span of her branches, the texture of her bark, the colour of her leaves as she responded to his kind treatment. Milly did not do anything to deserve this so she loved the Gardener as he had loved her so immensely; Alas so she bloomed, oh how she did bloom she hoped others would see her flowers and allow her gardener to work on their branches too. She bore fruit for him and she looked upon other trees and loved them as  if they were she.

Why are we (some of us) so obsessed with how we look?

How others see us?

How we see ourselves?

How others look?

As I compare myself to this random Brazilian lady I wonder if my hair will be like hers she kinda looks like my Aunt lol “kinda” This act of comparison we do it so easily in this sense but what about in the sense in which it would have great significance!!!!

The better question to be consumed by is this .. is my identity centred in Christ? Am I looking like he wanted me to look am I blooming healthily as he intended? Or is my fruit rotten? What you do stems from who you are.. Who are you?

(Feel the weight of it)


7 thoughts on “A Journey 1

  1. Jazzmine says:

    I’m rooting for you! You can do this. And as you continue to abide in the vine, you will bear the fruit that He has purposed for you to bear. 🙂 I’ve often had the same questions about our concern with looks…hmm


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