AJ2: Not waiting in Vain…

I visited the salon to treat these here hairs on my head,

And found the wait a torture instead,

The crowd was thick the ladies all a more as they went ahead,

I wondered how my waiting could be abbreviated,

So to my life’s a wait as the desires of my heart abutted; not yet authenticated.

The clock ticks another hour passed alas under the dryer benched, progress I stated,

Vainglory the battle is always not to make the outcome my idol lest I be misled,

The desire in my heart for life is not to be candlelighted,

The notion of the desire and the importance decussated,

Yes I will wait but with focus now emigrated,

Twas not the outcome but the desire he had for the conditioning of waiting fantasticated,

I waited another three hours not giving up; myself I girded,

I learned about texturiser, natural hair, wash n go, who comes and who goes; regarded,

In life I learn and I grow and I am built up as lessons illumined,

Jesus at the centre of my process, Jesus as the curator of my passion; I  jubilated,

Waiting is not easy but my God is good, because of HIS strength I won’t be exhausted,

The final product for me will be more than I hoped and I am Liberated.

Faith=The leaning of your entire human personality on Him [God] in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness.”

“MSBY- Whatever comes is enough” 




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