Scorched Schuzu Searching

Before Schuzu got her armor it was a dry time in Eta Car, being  a million times as bright as the Sun and 250 times the size. Earth too was a growing  furnace as UV rays penetrated the atmosphere scorching the land. The trees once vibrant were barren and brown with fires raging in the hills. Schu watched as the Fire hydrant ships would soar over, swooping low and dropping their payload in the battle to contain the bellows. As she watched she could feel a similar raging happening in Eta civilization , Schu could feel it within her too, there was a struggle among them all:to stay hydrated. A struggle of the soul.

DSC_5497Schu’s lips were flaky, she was thirsty, her mouth felt dry and her hair resembled wild hay: stiff, dry and lifeless. What was poor Schu to do her canteen of father’s water was near empty and  Eta was abundant with Car juice. Car juice would offer momentary satisfaction but was never lasting. Oh but the ramifications of this choice were troublesome, leading to a slow but sure death. Every time car juice was drunk it would take Eta Carsians further away from Father: (separation!!!) Turning their appearance a toxic peccadillo colour, the longer they drank they’d eventually die when the true ship returned. It sometimes seemed easier just to indulge in the Car juice than to find Father’s well. The well was through a narrow gate and a path which went past valleys and passages not popularly trekked.

Father was providing water for them all (living water!!) but many stubbornly wouldn’t drink or even stop to contemplate the journey. Schu was one of those and had spent many years continually choosing Car juice (but this was before she got her new name). Long ago for someone to enter the trail to father’s well they would have to offer a sacrifice at the gate. Father wanted them to be able to make the journey freely but for this to happen somebody had to pay the ultimate toll. So  in ancient times he sent his son to be that very thing: A sacrifice and a saviour to all. His pure blood was shed in a most gruesome way that we all may be washed clean of our peccadillo stains and freely drink from his well. Redeemed!!! Jesus rose again on the third day so that civilization’s faith in him would not be delusion.

Eta Carsians could now approach freely to his well without the toll. They just have to be willing to allow him to lead them, in surrender. When Schu felt so dry she couldn’t bear it, she ventured deep into the valley past the narrow gates in search of the water she heard of from the well. She put on her DeepC cap and trudged along; vowing to stay away from Car juice with Father’s help!! With his help the journey was easier too as his strengh was made perfect in Schu’s weakness. As for Schu’s new name it was wonderful!!! When he washed her clean she was deemed Schuzu ‘Hephzibah, Beulah‘ Car for the Father would take delight in her and protect her.

Schu now knew that sometimes  you must venture deep, dig deep, search deep into the truth in order to get the hydration she sought. The hydration see found was now overflowing from a well within.

(Drinking from this water)

(Deep Condition your faith)

“Like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.” C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory, and Other Addresses

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