…Awakened…with Questions!

What drives us as humans?

Life is not just the passage of time:What are you doing to not lay idle?

Is what I do pleasing to my maker and please can I feast with him:FOREVER?

Is it wrong that I get emotional when a moment touches my soul?

Or how about the awkwardness that I sometimes sprawl?

Am I the sum total of all I’ve  ever done wrong?

Is my face telling a different story as if visually I cannot hide?

Or is this all illusion that my mind doth provide?

Do I think too much about that of which I think?

Is this the master plan, am I in sync?

What is it about a gorgeous horizon that makes the mind wander?

Do you ever ponder what happens over yonder?

Isn’t it nice to have good people to share life with?

Are you appreciative, and loving  as if time would not persist?

Have I forgiven fully those who hurt me, yes including me?

Have I knowingly or unconsciously affected or did the same to anyone?

Would you forgive me?

Am I giving my all in every good work, my hands come to do ?

What are the things that madden you?

Can we find something to allow us to enjoy each and every moment, even toil?

Have you ever considered walking a mile on someone else’s soil?

When last did you check out how far you’ve come?

Améliorer: In what ways can I still improve?

Are you being your authentic self, can I be wise?

Do you love yourself as Christ loved you and then love others with that same love too?

Should we take a moment to consider what lies ahead?

Oh and when things are still not clear what does this really mean?

Are you finding reasons to quit?

Do you need a friend to talk with?

Why is the Cocorico bird so LOUD?

{Awake and inquisitive}


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