A Stump that could Grow

Schuzu stumbled upon a tree stump it was miraculous  in Eta Car it appeared to have been through the mill (the poor old thing) was seemingly a mere portion of what she imagined trees of this variety would be, but something was different. In her area the most populous  trees were Gaia; they survived and flourished from the aquifers of Eta (of Earth land) this tree did not produce any edible and worthy fruit that would last. In fact the fruit were deceptive so when you broke their flesh: indwelt the most grotesque colony of foul maggots and bugs scrimmaging and devouring the toxic car flesh. These were fruit she had long learnt to flee for their poison was intoxicating like the wine outpouring in an off license.

What of Schuzu’s discovery, you ask ? Well one Lundi she was walking along the stairway when she suddenly tripped up on one of the treads (as she often did, she was rather clumsy). As she was gathering herself up again she glimpsed a large tree stump which had somehow lodged itself in an unlikely spot and she presumed it dead but on further inspection she could see the spectacular peculiarity. It was clear to her that this tree had been through quite a bit it had many an indentation where an Ax had done it harm in fact she could see the decaying felled trunk not far away and as her fingers traced the tree rings on its wizened surface around a distal portion was the charred exterior bark. Taking a deep breath, as Schu inspected what had her sojourned she was enraptured to see the stump yet still sprouted, this Terebinth! the remnant stump: a divine seed had travailed through adversity and would prevail anew. These Terebinth could grow to be very large and would stand as large landmarks for all men to see, their root systems were very diverse (deep and extensive)  allowing them to remain green even in drought.

She met a man called Jacob resting on a rock not too far from the stump and he interrupted her perusals with a loud  “Pssst”, as he gestured towards the ladders ahead, “can you see the angels moving up and down the rungs?” “Oh Can you see?” Jacob beamed “Where are you going? How far does your ladder go?DSC_0050

Then a loud voice reverberated in the place where they stood “I AM FATHER, and behold, I am with you and will keep watch over you with care, I will take notice of you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land; for I will not leave you until I have done all that I have told you”(Genesis 28:10-22)

Schuzu was filled with a deep knowledge of Father and after leaving this holy place she found him everywhere also .”The movement of the tide and the circulation of the blood in her body were not more regular than the intercommunication between heaven and earth.” God Father was not only local he was all around her, he was truly everywhere in Eta Car, in the universe and beyond. Then Jacob proclaimed “I have called this place Bethel for it is the house of the Lord; a place we have met with him so personally”

She felt like she was that Terebinth stump she had been through the drought she had overcome car juice, she had been beaten, cut down: but her roots ever since her transplant were within the waters of Shiloah but still something woeful nagged in her so much so that it began to affect her physically, her back began to slump and her gait turned almost diplegic“Woe is me! for I am undone and ruined,”Then one of the Angels came towards Schu and touched her mouth with a burning coal he had taken with tongues from the altar. In a voice that sounded like the most soothing melody she ever heard said “Behold, this has touched your lips; your iniquity and guilt are taken away, and your sin is completely atoned for and forgiven” (Isaiah 6:7) The lord who redeemed her would keep his covenant of peace for her life and no good thing would be withheld as her walk was made continually upright and her abnormal gait now supported and restored to normal. She was confident in the hope to which she  clung.

Then she heard father say whom shall I send? Who will go for us?

Schuzu said boldly “Here I am Lord, send me !”

Our gateway to heaven only becomes better by developing a deep and extensive root in Christ as we visit the place where we meet and experience him deeply ; we each have a personal line are we picking up and dialing ?

{ Unlimited calls Dial Father Now 800-Bible, 868-Pray, 632-Worship  }

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