When you know !!!

Just some thoughts as I have a selah moment!! So I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of recognising things that I’ve learnt; that moment when you step back from the busyness of life and assess where you are at the moment looking critically at some of the improvements, being thankful for them and making note of any steps of regression and with discretion charting their course anew.

But beware for the  lens must always be a positive one.

“Neither praise or blame is the object of true criticism. Justly to discriminate, firmly to establish, wisely to prescribe, and honestly to award. These are the true aims and duties of criticism.” William Gilmore Simms

There once was a time you didn’t know how to drive maybe now you do. girl pretty car blonde test

You couldn’t as the sayings in my case went “you couldn’t say boo to a goose” now you can say actual meaningful words to anyone you choose preferring not to chat with geese. 

There once was a time when you would shy away from being assertive, now you are more inclined to take action though perchance you note that there is still a  need for more in this regard.

There was a time when you had no education maybe now you have a degree, a practical certificate and or working towards one.

Maybe you used to spend too much and now you follow a sensible budget!

Maybe you didn’t know how to offer a helping hand to a friend and now you are trying more.

In the past you didn’t know what love was and now you certainly do!!

Perhaps you were a complacent follower of Christ and now you long for precept after precept from his Word.The power of Christ compels you !!!

Maybe you didn’t know how to flee temptation and now you understand that Christ upholds you and provides a way of escape!!

Maybe you were ungrateful at heart but now you are thankful from your core!!!

You used to keep marriage on a pedestal and maybe now it’s still a wish but not the everything of life, so Granny can ask you if you have kids or married without you breaking down in an anxious pit because you understand that these things though lovely are not your greatest purpose in life like you had once believed. Also noting that there is still work to be done especially when maybe you like someone and you’re over in the friendzone corner snapping twigs to no avail. But GOD!!!

You used to think you wouldn’t last in your job but by the grace of God you still here!! Observing the fact that you still need to improve in this area keeps you on your toes. I need to improve:increasing my knowledge, lobbying for training and trade fairs, to stay focused, keep reporting, note my KPI and pay attention to my personal development planning.

Maybe you were shy to pray in groups but now as the spirit leads, you are able to offer up a prayer with gladness though a lie you must defeat inside still says your prayers aren’t as good as those Christians over there!! LIES are pervasive they try to get in wherever they can!! Smash’em!!cockroach movies funny movie film

Body Image was a problem for you but now you understand stewardship more including it in how you treat your body and have been taking consistent steps toward healthy living and that fit frame. wait for it….


…..New Milly’s emerging!!!



You used to have long hair now you’re here …

and still working on getting that curl definition which you realised you were doing totally wrong as you slowly back away from the afropick  vintage 70s afro african american black culture

and as with most things that are worthwhile: its a process

When you didn’t know but now you do !!




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