When you feel like giving up: Try

Let's be honest we've all felt it, that feeling that builds up inside of your hearts and minds and possibly even your lungs telling you that you can't possibly carry on.The moments when you're purposefully wading through life but the fear and anxiety causes you to sink as you lose your forward progress and you … Continue reading When you feel like giving up: Try

Betrothed: Be Faithful!!!

A Millyview and ramble inspired by the book of Hosea and its reflection of God's steadfast love for his Covenant People then and now, You were a Whore in your attentions !!! despicable... There was nothing noble about your definitions. Deplorable... Fickle were your affections, Unfaithful... Factional were your motivations, Egomaniacal... You were a disgrace to … Continue reading Betrothed: Be Faithful!!!