Roots Manoeuvre

{Inspired by Daniel 4}

Desiring to be an abundant tree ?

I  was made a Stump: a remnant spot, A smear,
The world’s axe had cleared,
The spirit of folly had sullied,
Driven by evil, fear, pride  and the like: bowing to those that scurried,

Tyrants (other Lords),

Why couldn’t I see?

This thing in my right hand was a lie!!!
Storms came and my gripping was weak,
Floods raged and along the torrents washed,

Why didn’t I see you?

(You were always there)

(You were always there)

♫Let the spirit move you?!!! ♫

Oh but what spirit for I was not acquainted,
Exposed to controlling powers still arrested,
Telling me I could handle it as suggested ,
Just a Stump!!! Rejected
Infected were the waters ingested,
Or was there no water sequestered?

Why did I fall asleep?

The fruit that produced only withered and decayed, Though some would say hurray insatiate,
When you have no idea what real fruit should be,
To buds, it’s like Noni compared to mango Julie,

Will it thrive?

Or sugar apples to more correctly describe some heavenly passion fruit you have never contrived,
How had taste been acquired?
From birth, but was a new day not desired?
Rinkydink Roots reaching for rubble,
Decrepit stubble,

Was the view different from the muddle


Haughty looks destroy,

Haughty looks destroy,

Haughty looks destroy,

Bars closed upon me continually; yet you brought up my life from the pit, O Lord my God.

Overwhelmed  to meet your Grace!!

When I could admit:Heaven rules and Has Dominion over all,

Heaven RULES,

Who have I in heaven but YOU,

Father, Son, Holy Spirit,

I love you,

There is nothing else,

Feel the weight of it and drink abundantly from the pure source,


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