Life in Black Skinny Jeans

I wore black skinny jeans to work today and I walked down Richmond Street alone,

I wondered if there were any risks to me unknown,

Big corporate businesses I passed thinking surely there is safety here,

Gas station, banks, Car showrooms, even a school in my stare,

Every block I passed brought a contemplation anew of the precious one gruesomely lost over there,


East seems far from the west but to think it different: in jest?

I went about my day thankful I made it to stay,

In a cubical office of material walls, I’m safe,

But who on earth can truly protect me in this state?

Protect my Soul, oh God!!!!

All day I pondered the wickedness of man and cried out to Father to heal this land,

Starting with hearts to turn to him,

Consoling the hurting ones,


It was time for lunch so to the pavements again,

I stood, waiting my turn then sat in a corner alone, around the ben’,

I looked up at the CCTV wondering if you were watching.

Surely no danger is lurking from the Mister sitting?

I politely say good afternoon, hating that I’m forced to think this way!!!

I like to see the best in people but is this pure naivety’ ?


Lunch is over I’m safe, to the pavement again,

Men I pass holla gooday sweetness,

I politely say good afternoon then,

I can see you gazing at my hips as I meander on,

Yes my hips don’t lie but that’s none of your business,


Thinking of the ones we’ve lost and the vulnerability of us all?

How’s your soul today ? How’s your heart ? What would you do if today was your last?


{feel the weight of it}

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