Hoop on Honey

Hello it’s Milly I know it’s been awhile but things have been otherwise engaging or dear I say stressful. I  won’t keep you too long.

Have you ever felt soul crushingly, body can’t go on, heart folding, mind working in futile silo; to the point where any minute the launch of a missile will be announced, or a fuse will be blown, all around tired: don’t know what to do or to say and feeling the weight of it all?

I reckon at some point through all that life brings our way we might feel this to varying degrees. With much-needed grace upon grace from God to bear it for us because we simply can’t in our own strength.

This week I got a reminder like a hug from a father you loved but hadn’t seen in a while. Like you were phoning home all the time, He was checking in but you hadn’t seen in person. Or you had forgotten he was in the same room as if standing back to back, you know his voice you know he’s there for you but you hadn’t seen his face. It just so happened that as life hit you, you got a terrible sense of being overwhelmed or distracted and whatever it was started to blare louder in your life than the voice of your father.This was me!!!! Not recognizing that I was wrestling not against flesh and blood, my weapons were not carnal but they were mighty for the pulling down of strongholds and powerful enough to refute anything that set itself up against the full knowledge of God, therefore I WILL lead every thought and purpose captive to the obedience of Christ even in situations where supposedly trusted “others”  are telling you what to think!! 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 Who’s report am I to believe?

As I was reading for bible study Romans 2:7 the word ‘Patient Persistence’ jumped out to me in the Greek: “hypomonḗ ’ (Hoop-om-on-ay) which means endurance, especially as God enables the believer to properly remain under the challenges he allows in life.” Then God made me laugh because of how he assimilated the word to apply directly to me and I actually laughed whilst climbing out of the pit of despair where life was ushering me. It went like this:

Hoop-om-on-ay……………………Selah………………..Hoop on Honey !!! Not to trivialise the word but it made me chuckle  (at work when it hit me)

I laughed because God knows how much I love Hula Hooping but then there was more !!!

hypomonḗ means that in my current season no matter what is hard to face I should keep on doing that which is pleasing to God, keep on praising, keep on trusting and hoping, keep on leaning on his understanding,keep on praying, keep on pushing in his direction, keep on seeking his glory, hounour, peace and eternity. 

As God is calling me to Hoop on Honey ( again not to trivialise) He reminds me that He is a hoop around us he is surrounding each of us who follow him in his love, it encircles us, the only difference is that his encirclement never drops. He continues on he is patient with us, he is good, he is merciful, he is long suffering with us, he is fore-bearing and he loves with an everlasting love giving us the strength of Himself in place of our weakness. CONSTANTLY!!!! Don’t you dear take the kindness and goodness for granted though he’s beaconing for you to turn from yourself or your situation and your sin to HIM, lest you store up his wrath. Take comfort in knowing that whilst facing LIFE, whatever you are going through he encircles you, his Joy and Peace will come into the circle and give you hope no matter how difficult that may seem to you at this moment. I like the idea of a circle because let’s be honest sometimes it doesn’t feel like a comfortable hug but rest assured you are still surrounded and soon enough you’ll feel that heart peace. At every turn focus on him!!

Though living is in a time of chaos and lacking in understanding we lean not upon ourselves to fathom it but upon Jesus through whom we can have that inner peace that passeth understanding (see Philip. 4:7). Though we may often be perplexed we know that God loves us, we may be hard pressed but in the felicity of his ways, the knowledge of him can and will sustain us through all that life will bring. How can we know that God is aware of us and loves us? His word tells us — but also if we were to zoom out for a moment and honestly count our blessings we would see how he imparted his grace over us even in the difficulty, so never forget to use the wide angle lenses of HOPE !!!! He also tells us by the still, small voice of the Spirit so keep listening you shall surely hear it! 1 Kings 19:11-13

I know it’s immensely tough but I hope you can remember your source is Almighty GOD.

May you have joy in the morning.

Be COURAGEOUS enough to hope dear heart and hoop on !!


This just scratches the surface!

2 thoughts on “Hoop on Honey

  1. Alex says:

    I am now not sure where you are getting your information, however great topic. I must spend a while studying much more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I used to be in search of this information for my mission.

    Liked by 1 person

    • meekmillymusing says:

      Hey Alex I’d love to hear more… I really should start putting references for my definitions mostly I use the biblical dictionaries either strong’s concordance or Vines. May God direct your steps in accordance with his will and mission


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