The Bird of Hope


A man gave me an Origami bird he had made, He does it as a project with some kids and I thought how great an idea. Teaching kids the beauty of creativity. What struck me is that not only is it a children’s project but this man also gives birds to random people he encounters in public. Public transport, hospital waiting areas, construction sites. He describes the experience to me in such a way that has me fascinated like a young child anticipating what will happen next in the story.  It showed me that sometimes there is fear in us sharing our uniqueness, our work, our talents, our belief. Sometimes there are invisible barriers hindering our human interactions.

This man encouraged me to keep musing, though I’m not yet sure he knows this. He says he wants people to do what they do whether it be photography, poetry, spoken word or art. Let’s keep the creativity going, you never know what you might discover. What do you have to share with the world? Do you shine brightly for all man to see and glorify your Father in Heaven? What good deeds can we consider doing for others today? It could be as simple as giving a person waiting in a hospital an encouraging word or a helping hand to someone in need. Or a prayer of faith for a friend. A work of art or a work of heart?



In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven


The bird of hope 
One simple gesture so often mistook,
With a heart full: it is given,
It’s meant to trigger something in humankind,
(The giver or the recipient,) 
Just observation,
The response is not always positively driven,
It was a curious case to see,
When it was merely allowed to be,
Before the experience was plastered by interference with the mind,
The Stereotypes that hinder interaction,
Or the fear of current times,
Have our human sentiments, morals and connections been in declension,
Maybe if we took society apart we’d understand what went wrong,
The truth is not many of us know what #trust is or who deserves our song,
We have forgotten our God for far too long,
I think of the bird 🐦 in terms of #love and how the world could use more of,
Maybe it’s become something polluted or may be diluted,
But the fact is it is needed,
Could it be that it is as simple as #faith?
Believe in God, the best, the good, the bad but be positive and dwell there instead?
Why would we let evil dominate our head?
A conversation with a stranger is not always the easiest thing to start,
But a bird played a part,
The creation has something to say if only we would listen,
This one was a bird folded in white,
#ThebirdofHope #origami #birdman #inspired #payitforward #officeHighlight

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