Meek Monday Meanings:The Joy of the Lord

I decided to devote Monday's to exploring the meaning of words or sayings. Why you ask: because I believe that words matter. Monday's are usually an any topic goes kind of day. I'm thinking of so many things that sometimes its hard to keep focused and on track. Alas, I press on with intention. I was recently reminded of Nehemiah 8:10 where we find the origin of the quote  "The joy of the Lord is your strength" We all know that people have a tendency to whip out their nifty quotes and proverbs for your every need. Sometimes they're really genuine and heartfelt but then there are other times when it's as common as a Whatsapp image with poor graphics. They're stated verbatim or over stated and sometimes do more harm than good.  Even worse if they are slapped on us like a wet band-aid without really understanding the meaning or without care. I'll be honest I am pretty sure that one of these has been me! I'm learning folks. 

Meek Monday: Gratitude and Getting Back on Track

Hey, Musers, it has been a week since I popped into the blog I've missed you. I guess you can call it a season of refreshment and rest, but I'm back 🙂 Have you ever found it hard to develop a routine? Like seriously there's 100 things you need to get done and making your bed … Continue reading Meek Monday: Gratitude and Getting Back on Track

The Spirit of Excellence: Serve Continally

Selah Session: Who do you continually serve? Is the person that you are online, behind closed doors or on weekends, the same person as when you are seen? Do you ever find yourself conforming because you want to fit in, even when your conscience screams for you to do otherwise? In Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel … Continue reading The Spirit of Excellence: Serve Continally

Wife-able Wednesday: Fruit of the Spirit 

I saw the seeds of impatience bare fruit in me, Headstrong to the harvest of unkindness, Lacking a gentle response when intercepted by strain. Always remember the core, the beginning, the planting, the nurturing, The time when you turned your head from the set path, Caught a glimpse of beauty hoped-for,  The times may change but … Continue reading Wife-able Wednesday: Fruit of the Spirit