Meek Monday: Gratitude and Getting Back on Track

Hey, Musers, it has been a week since I popped into the blog I've missed you. I guess you can call it a season of refreshment and rest, but I'm back ūüôā Have you ever found it hard to develop a routine? Like seriously there's¬†100 things you need to get done and making your bed … Continue reading Meek Monday: Gratitude and Getting Back on Track

The Spirit of Excellence: Serve Continally

Selah Session: Who do you continually serve? Is the person that you are online, behind closed doors or on weekends, the same person as when you are seen? Do you ever find yourself conforming because you want to fit in, even when your conscience screams for you to do otherwise? In Daniel Chapter 6 Daniel … Continue reading The Spirit of Excellence: Serve Continally

Meek Monday: The Spirit of Excellence (2)

Selah Session Have you ever failed to prepare for a task? What was the outcome? Have you ever had no time to prepare before a guest was due to arrive at your home? Reflection Daniel 1:5¬†(AMPC)5¬†And the king assigned for them a daily portion of his own rich¬†and dainty food and of the wine which … Continue reading Meek Monday: The Spirit of Excellence (2)

Meek Monday: Spirit of Excellence (1)

Selah Session: Ever feel mediocre or a bit unsure of your performance? Do you have integrity, are you Consistent, Reliable and Trustworthiness? Are you unmotivated? What is your motivation? Reflection: Daniel 5:12New Living Translation (NLT)12¬†This man Daniel, whom the king named Belteshazzar, has exceptional ability and is filled with divine knowledge and understanding. He can … Continue reading Meek Monday: Spirit of Excellence (1)

Meek Monday: Tenacity

Selah Session: Is there anything in your life that requires determination? Have you ever lacked follow through in your life? Reflection: Galatians 6:9¬†(AMPC)9¬†And let us not lose heart¬†and¬†grow weary¬†and¬†faint in acting nobly¬†and¬†doing right, for in due time¬†and¬†at the appointed season we shall reap, if we do not loosen¬†and¬†relax our courage¬†and¬†faint If you've ever had dreams … Continue reading Meek Monday: Tenacity

Meek Monday: Confidence

Selah Session: Have you ever doubted that you were capable of doing a task? Did you ever feel like you weren't good enough? Not outspoken or pretty enough, or smart enough, not creative enough, not spiritual enough? How can we have confidence without being arrogant? Reflection:¬† ¬†Confidence is silent insecurities are loud.(Unknown) We face a … Continue reading Meek Monday: Confidence

Meek Monday: Unity

~Selah Session~ Am I ¬†operating in unity in my life with others? Have I overlooked Gods truth in favour of my passions? Following his word or my emotions or energy levels? Reflect on¬† Proverbs 18:19-20¬†(AMPC)19¬†A brother offended is harder to be won over than a strong city, and [their] contentions separate them like the bars … Continue reading Meek Monday: Unity

Meek Monday: Isolation vs communion

Sometimes I admit I have grappled with the idea of being not as talkative as others. I go through times when I¬†despise the differences I see (there I go glorifying perceived lack of personality and striving to people please). ¬†Father Forgive me ūüė¶ People make you feel like a lesser being a lot¬†of the time … Continue reading Meek Monday: Isolation vs communion