God has been working on me

Be God-spective Instead of overly Introspective or people pleasing. Be Confident Instead of wimpy and second guessing. Be Powerful Because I am weak but he is strong Be Sound-minded Instead of emotionally out of wack and lacking control Be Loving Understanding that Love is the noun (GOD) and a verb (overflow). Be Gracious Instead of thankless because it … Continue reading God has been working on me

When you’re holding onto dead ends

Transitioning can be rough. I tried it many times before what makes me think I'll succeed? The resolve I have now is not to be shaken, by anything!! I am however considering a hair cut! Accusatory statements can bombard your psyche making it overwhelming to progress: Wasn't your hair lovely the way it  was "all straight"? Didn't … Continue reading When you’re holding onto dead ends

Tick Tock Goes the Clock

A large extent of my adolescent life I had a fear of time running out!!!! That the dreams that I had would not be fulfilled within the timeline that I wanted. “Forever Young!!! do you really want to live forever… forever!!” Psalm 22:26 ESV The afflicted shall eat and be satisfied; those who seek him shall praise the Lord! … Continue reading Tick Tock Goes the Clock